GF Desserts


Delicious Desserts 

  • All recipes are Grain-Free, Gluten-Free and Refined Sugar-Free.
  • Recipes marked with the green Thermomix symbol above, are suitable for cooking in your Thermomix and have been tested using a Model 5. If using a TM31 please make sure total ingredients don’t exceed the ‘MAX” mark in the bowl.
  • All recipes can be cooked using traditional cooking methods. Substitute a blender/food processor for grinding, chopping etc and a beater for the batters and mixes needing whipping. Use pots and pans suitable for the quantities listed when cooking without a Thermomix.
  • TImes for cooking depend greatly on your oven so you will see a suggested cooking time range on most recipes. Lower the cooking time and temperature if you have a hot oven and increase both if you have a slow oven.
  • Where there is a range suggested for an ingredient (ie: 20-50g maple syrup) you can adjust the amount you use to suit your own taste or omit sweeteners altogether if following an LCHF diet.
  • Use organic produce wherever possible to avoid pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
  • Be prepared by having your pantry stocked with the ingredients you will need for Grain-Free cooking.
  • Have fun! Experiment with different flavours and ingredients – recipes are only a guide after all!


Definitely ‘sometimes’ foods as too much of a good thing is often detrimental to our health (and waistline!) but enjoy these sweet treats on special occasions. They are generally lower in carbs than traditional desserts as they are void of refined sugars and starches.


1. Sweet Almond Pastry
2. Raspberry Tart
3. Strawberry Pannacotta
4. Blueberry Crumble
5. Berry Jam/Sauce
6. Honey Custard with Raspberry Sauce
7. Chocolate Custard
8. Coconut Ice Slice
9. Grain Free Bread and Butter Pudding
10. Mystery Mousse
11. Lemon Tarts
12. Berry Jelly
13. Warm Chocolate Cinnamon Puddings
14. Jaffa Slice with Honey Oranges
15. Dairy-Free Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
16. Baked Nutmeg Custard
17. Aniseed Coffee Pannacotta
18. Minted Avocado ice-cream
19. Walnut Tart
20. Lemon Butter Delight



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